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Welcome to Ebony femdom ) begins in earnest A pair of Mistresses, hot for each other, are also eager to discipline their slave. He gets to watch them kiss each other, but then they turn on him. One Mistress offers him one of her shoes so he can lick it clean, while the other Mistress removes her shoes so she can kick the slave hard in the balls with her stockinged foot. Now, removing the shoe may make the act marginally less painful, but there's still a lot of power in a well-aimed kick, and there's a lot off pain in the result. Mistress does her best to deliver the ultimate pain to the poor hapless slave Mistress Mika is ebony femdom very demanding. And she has a collared slave at the ready to do her bidding. She wants to ebony femdom inflict torture and humiliation on her bedraggled slave. From sucking the heel of her shoe to submitting to a paddling, the slave will do anything to please Mistress. even though her slave does well, this cruel and demanding Mistress metes out punishment to him nontheless. ) A grovelling, subservient slave, who is ebony femdom wearing a leash and collar, must suck his Mistress's feet and shoes clean. And this is true regardless of what is on those shoes. Unfortunately for the slave, "what is on them" includes smears of dog shit. But the slave loves to worship feet and gladly undertakes the tasks at hand. He licks the shoe, including what's on it, and pleases his Mistress, but that doesn't make her any the less harsh on him. Now, wouldn't you think she'd cut him some slack after the disgusting task she's set for him? Step into Mistress Sabrina's world, where pussies are for licking clean, pins ebony femdom are for sticking into slaves, and cocks are for a Mistress to have fun with. If you're Mistress Sabrina's slave, you're in ebony femdom for a rough time of it. (Although, of course, if you're a slave, you enjoy that sort of treatment. ) But from Mistress's point of view, things couldn't be better! Mistress Hollie has an ebony femdom ample array of punishment and torture devices to use on her slaves, from whips to cock pumps, and she knows how to use them to great advantage, as she demonstrates in this movie, to the slave's dismay. But Mistress Hollie is not beyond such "organic" tortures as ebony femdom simply spitting in her slave's mouth. Though, being a well disciplined slave, he neither complains nor spits out her spittle. And Mistress Hollie goes on thinking up other ways to discipline him. Mistress has some VERY creative ebony femdom methods of cock torture, and she's trying them out on a slave who seems ready for anything. But can he withstand everything she's going to dish out? And will this be the penultimate sacrifice -- that of losing his cock? After all, among the things she's doing -- and Mistress is indeed displaying some very devious methods here -- she's got his cock in a mousetrap, with electrodes inserted into the shaft. It started off with a romantic duet, with some flirtatious, somewhat suggestive lyrics, and a kiss. Im guessing this would have been shocking enough as it was, back in the 1800s, but it went a lot further than that. Once the actor and actress kissed, they suddenly seemed to forget that they were supposed to be in character.