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Welcome to Spamfreeforums cfnm Kellys eyes bulged and there was a barely audible gasp. Nurse Roberts continued like it was business as usual, Ok Kelly, this patient is circumcised but if he wasnt, the first thing you would want to do is check under the foreskin. I just couldnt believe this was really happening, and suddenly I was spamfreeforums cfnm picturing Kelly in the locker room the next day telling her friends all about my dick and having a good laugh. Next you want to check for a possible hernia, this is even more important for athletes and not getting properly checked out can be very dangerous. Before I wrapped my head around this turn of events, Nurse Roberts reached down and cupped my balls and my dick twitched rather noticeably. That was the first time a girl, let alone a woman, had touched my balls and I was starting to get excited despite the nervousness and embarrassment of the whole situation. Ok Kelly, now you try, said the Nurse and my disbelief reached a new high. But standing there buck spamfreeforums cfnm naked, exposed in front of these two young women, my boxers already around my ankles, I just could not form the words for a protest. Kelly cupped my balls softly, much more hesitantly than Nurse Roberts trained hands making the experience much more erotic than medical. My dick twitched again involuntarily and I could tell it was beginning to grow. Next you want to inspect the testicles for any abnormalities which may be an indication of testicular cancer. Boys his age should be doing periodic self-checks so you should always educate your patients on what to look for. They had me sit back on the cold exam table and the Nurse pushed my dick to the side while she went over every inch of my balls, rolling them around gently between her fingers. Kelly was watching intently and her face was so close I could feel her breath on my inner thighs. The Nurse was rattling off some instructions on performing spamfreeforums cfnm self-checkups but all I could think about was trying to keep my dick from becoming completely erect. Oh dont worry about that, it can be pretty common for your male patients to get excited during an exam, especially the young ones. The best thing to do is just ignore it, explained the Nurse. Kellys gossip for the locker room the next day was getting juicier by the minute. Just a minute, said the Nurse, checking spamfreeforums cfnm the clock. Since we still have some time theres one more procedure Id like to do for Kellys sake. While not strictly necessary for young boys it is very important for older men. At this point I just wanted it to be over so I obliged, pointing my ass directly at the nurse, the cold exam table doing nothing to soften my throbbing dick. I guess you have done this a few times before, said Jenny. Everyone was laughing, and continued with their fun jokes. Can I, Nisha said and held out her hand and formed the circle. Dean was now hard, and walked over to Nisha and placed his penis in her hand. Ok, start moving now she said, lets see your moves.